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Mark O. Akins Sr.

Mark O. Akins Sr. is a three-time author, certified Life and Career Coach, Sales Mindset Trainer, Mental Health Advocate and Motivational Speaker. In 2023, Mark received the national Outstanding Graduate award through the ACCSC. He believes discovering that it is not what you see is what you get, but how you see is why you get kept him at peace in his darkest hours.​

In 2012 Mark Akins was admitted to Metro Health Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio with a self-inflected gunshot wound. The bullet was discovered to have been less than an inch away from his heart when it passed through his chest. This wound caused him to lose over 70% of his blood and to spend a month on the trauma floor after getting off life support. One year after being released, Mark was homeless in his hometown without the support or shelter of any family or friends.

He fears that without God and developing a new mindset his life would have become irreversible at some point. Sharing his story isn’t the only reason Akins does what he does. He believes in challenging others to challenge themselves and not allow life to make them a victim. One way he does this is by reminding others the importance of creating the world around you rather than becoming a product of it.

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We start from the premise that there is no learning without moments of discovery. Based on that, we have and continue to invest in mental preventative maintenance. Through extraordinary guidance, discovering a pathway to purpose has never been more attainable. This is our gratifying expression.

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To be the #1 company in the world that encourages a nation of workers to also be thinkers, learners and believers. Challenging the masses to challenge their mindset and be responsible for all their focused thoughts, actions and intentions. In good faith, this will impact accountability and create positive shifts in the environment.

Outstanding Graduate Award

Mark Akins

Remington College

Cleveland, Ohio

This award recognized an individual not only demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement, but also has made a meaningful contribution to their profession and demonstrated perseverance to overcome adversity.



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